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Why Small Business Owners Should Not Overlook The Value Of LinkedIn

A common misconception is that Linkedin is solely used for individual networking and job searching. However, the platform is much more than that– and small businesses should be leveraging it.

LinkedIn is a platform where brands may publish and make content that is relevant to their followers, as well as a place to market and promote their brand. So, a LinkedIn page is a great way for your business to find and recruit top employees.

Businesses can also use Linkedin to showcase what they are all about in a more relaxed personal way, contrary to a typical website. They can even partner with other corporations and display open positions they have.

In case you need any more convincing, though, here are seven key reasons why entrepreneurs should not overlook the value of LinkedIn in their social media strategy.


LinkedIn is vital for your small business since it allows your employees to identify themselves as members of the company. People are often proud of the company for which they work and their position, along with accomplishments.

Your staff members can share and reshare this information while widening brand recognition. After all, they may have connections in businesses or areas that your business is unfamiliar with.

So, the fact that LinkedIn is a main networking platform can help your employees gain wider corporate awareness by posting information about their personal accomplishments, their developments, and the company. All these things will positively impact the business within itself.


LinkedIn is an excellent resource for viewers searching for rapidly accessible information concerning your business. The platform allows you to access brand information, such as how many employees work for a company.

LinkedIn can also help viewers access information without having to read an entire website. By glancing through a business profile page, one may determine what kind of roles exist inside the organization and if it matches their goals and requirements.

Additionally, users can view and possibly apply for job advertisements that are listed. And finally, if they can't locate the information they were looking for, they can get knowledge about your website, email, phone numbers, and more on your LinkedIn page.

Business to Business (B2B)

Many consider LinkedIn to be just a platform where individuals search for possible job opportunities while viewing various companies. But, this perception fails to credit LinkedIn as a valuable business-to-business (B2B) marketing platform.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to present your small business in a professional setting without worrying about what information is being presented or the target market. This is why LinkedIn is used mainly by B2B enterprises because of its sophistication in the space and less of a desire to make a sale for consumerism objectives.

On the other hand, many business-to-consumer enterprises will target their customers on Facebook and Instagram. When it comes to B2B enterprises, however, they are more likely to wish to attract experts and are less inclined to utilize Facebook for business. LinkedIn can provide a sharing platform for professionals similar to what Facebook and Instagram provide for B2C.

Showcase Studies

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for sharing key case studies and initiatives. The platform allows users to share case studies, projects, and achievements while highlighting those with whom you collaborated by "tagging" the individuals and companies in the postings or articles. By including others with whom you collaborated, you may show off your work to a larger audience, where individuals can engage via likes and comments and grow to be acquainted with what you produce.

Personal Touch

LinkedIn is a great outlet to share your company with more personal moments that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to display on the company’s official website. Websites typically prioritize showcasing what services are offered, how to get in contact, etc. On the other hand, Linkedin gives users the opportunity to send personalized messages, like posts, send direct messages, and more.


Linkedin is an outlet where you can reshare or reformat content you have posted on other sites. You can alter any post you have already created into a carousel of images, a video, or even an article.

This kind of content can be sent to users via the LinkedIn messaging feature. Message Ads allow a business to reach out to potential users and offer a place for professional conversations to commence as opportunities are shared. Message Ads allow users to send direct messages that trigger instant action, drive stronger engagement, and identify and analyze the feedback your business is receiving by considering which roles and companies are responding to your messages.

Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is a helpful tool as it allows users to create an online brand displaying themselves to potential employees or vice versa.

When posting a job, users can receive references and endorsements regarding those applying. Those speculating about the position may also observe the type of company they’re applying to become a member of–in essence, providing them with more information, seeing whether the position and company suit them and their passions well. Or, job seekers may realize the company is not what they are looking for and save both the applicant and the company more time in the recruitment process.

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