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25 Fresh Social Post Ideas For Small Businesses

1. Share your company's culture with your audience.

Display your company’s culture or background to give the audience some insights into what you guys are all about. This can be done through an image or blog that touches upon your business goals. You may include some behind-the-scenes content or a little background on how your company does something a certain way– from service offerings to employee appreciation.

2. Interview a customer and share it.

Customer interviews can grab the attention of users as it is interesting and truthful. Interviews also help build consumer-business relationships and display that you value consumer feedback and ideas.

3. Shed light onto your community.

Present topics that you and your audience care much about in the community spotlights section. Doing so opens a door to your community for connections and shows you are passionate and care about important causes.

4. Use the Instagram Reel Feature.

In this day and age, users are used to quick 10-second videos that quickly get the point across. Use this information to your advantage and use the Instagram Reel feature to get your message across in a way that social media users are growingly familiar with.

5. Display upcoming projects.

To generate interest in new goods and features, highlight your team's efforts. As a friendly reminder to customers that items are in the works, #SneakPeek or #StayTuned are frequently used.

6. Show staff appreciation.

To demonstrate your thanks to your team, highlight your staff and management members. Showing customers your corporate culture and making your firm feel more approachable is critical.

7. Incorporate Social Media Takeovers.

A social media takeover is when a brand allows a user to share content on the company's social media page for a certain amount of time. This individual could be an influencer, a brand expert, or even a loyal customer. Takeovers enable your brand to change up your material and make it more informal and interactive.

8. Free Giveaways.

Giveaways are exciting and can be used as an incentive to encourage your followers to engage with your brand. You can offer anything from a free service to a discount or gift card– whatever makes the most sense for your business.

9. Share research relating to your industry.

Establishing a competitive advantage requires having the most up-to-date knowledge and research. Share statistics and tidbits from industry studies, whether they’re your own or collected from credible sources on the web.

10. Shoutout other brands.

Add a little optimism to your audience's feed by mentioning an organization you work with that is killing it. Remember that while consumer relationships are important, relationships with other brands are also critical– and lifting each other up can only expand your network.

11. Share Statistics.

Share statistics to spark clients' interest in particular industry happenings.

12. Share a Survey.

Distribute data to spark clients' interest in industry studies. Invite them to share a study or even link it in your bio for simple access.

13. Begin a weekly posting schedule.

A weekly schedule can show followers you are organized and engaged. This can be done through stories, blog posts, and more. You can showcase special guests or focus on the same topics weekly.

14. Keep users updated on brand news.

Whether you are launching a new product, hiring a new employee, or renting a new warehouse, keep your audience updated. Keeping them in the loop is a large aspect of customer appreciation.

15. Share company history.

It's always interesting to see how far a company has progressed and where it all began. Sharing a small snippet or detail from the past is sure to pique your audience's interest.

16. Promote User-Generated Content (UGC).

User-generated content showcases your brand’s product or service in the real world being used by real people. And while UGC is highly relatable for consumers, it also brings your brand free promotion and advertising.

17. Publish product reviews.

User reviews have been proven to increase sales. So, try sharing good product reviews. You might also look at a product that your business utilizes or interfaces with to help promote sales.

18. Request Customer feedback.

Get customer feedback to see how they will react to your product upgrades or planned events. Ask questions such as, "Would you be interested in participating in a social media event?” or "Would you be interested in an individualized label feature?"

19. Share brand accomplishments.

Your audience, believe it or not, wants to see you thrive. Share your accomplishments with them on the internet and rejoice together! Inform your audience when you receive an award or reach a specific milestone!

20. Spread positive quotes.

Inspirational quotations can seem corny, but when used appropriately, they can be really effective. Find quotes from industry experts or experiences from those you want to attract that will speak with them.

21. Endorse joining the company’s mailing list.

If you want your audience to register for an online seminar or demo, you must notify them by marketing a registration link on social media. Registration forms for webinars, demos, email newsletters, and other events should be promoted as well.

22. Promote Events.

Implement an Event Page to add more excitement and suspense to your upcoming events. This way, you can promote your event while simultaneously grabbing the attention of potential attendees.

23. Celebrate National Holidays.

National holidays are a great source of content, especially when what you are celebrating relates to your brand.

24. Post available job positions.

Social media is a great platform to share open opportunities, and who better to share these openings with than your brand's followers? It is not only a great way to keep them in the loop, but you will also receive many applicants for open positions

25. Share answers to commonly asked questions.

Oftentimes your audience may have identical or similar questions regarding your brand, so what better platform to share these answers than on social media? Users have easy access to your feedback, and you may connect with many users at once in one location.

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