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The Latest & Greatest With Driven Media

We are pleased to share with you the latest installment of our semiannual newsletter.

Over the last six months, the Driven Media team has had the pleasure to continue working with a plethora of valued clients while welcoming new local businesses into our firm.

Jack Ebert Wins Young Leadership Award in Las Vegas

Our journey has included empowering impactful institutions like The Northport Chamber of Commerce, where we harnessed the power of digital media to increase their presence and drive engagement to new heights.

Additionally, our ongoing work with Quinnipiac University has allowed us to craft a compelling narrative that resonated with their target audience, resulting in significant increases in client reach and engagement.

As the caliber and volume of our work have continued to grow, the Driven team has also relied on the addition of new contractors– who have made priceless contributions to our client network.

These successes, and many more, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our growth. Our team thrives on creating tailored strategies that elevate brands while delivering tangible results.

The coming months hold even more promise as we continue our journey of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Please see below a roundup of some of Driven’s groundbreaking partnerships so far in 2023.

Quinnipiac University

Driven Media is proud to have continued working with Quinnipiac University to bolster prospective student enrollment and current student engagement with the Quinnipiac School of Business.

Driven Media’s founder, Jack Ebert, is an alumnus of Quinnipiac University– where he earned his MBA and initially launched his company, Driven Media. Since then, our team has worked alongside Quinnipiac University on a variety of projects benefiting awareness of the Quinnipiac Business 3+1 program.

Driven Media Attends the Quinnipiac School of Business Career Fair

This program empowers students to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in business within just four years– raising the marketability and experience of students when they ultimately enter the job market.

Jack Ebert embodied the benefits that the Business 3+1 program can provide, which is why he was ultimately chosen to be one of the chosen faces of Quinnipiac University’s Ambition Unleashed Campaign two years ago.

“Drawing on our nearly 100-year heritage, our Ambition Unleashed brand campaign serves as a fresh, bold, and vibrant reflection of our university and our community. It embodies the passion, spirit, and determination of our people and how QU comes together to help our students transform their passions into careers with lasting impact,” the university began.

“Ambition Unleashed is inspired by the unrelenting determination of our bobcat mascot, coupled with the drive, commitment, and limitless potential of our people as they pursue a life and career with purpose.”

Since the launch of an entire brand campaign centered around Jack Ebert’s student entrepreneurial journey in various media forms– including press articles, a documentary-style video, and various brand advertisements published online and posted throughout the university’s campus– Driven Media has remained a strong University partner.

Our team is proud to continue handling the entirety of the 3+1 program and overall School of Business’ digital marketing efforts. Our team has created dedicated social accounts for the school, grown follower bases, created strategic photo and video content targeted toward prospective and current students, and promoted critical events for stakeholders.

Northport Chamber of Commerce

Nestled on the shore of the Long Island Sound, the historic maritime village of Northport is a cornerstone of Suffolk County, New York. The area grew from a rural farm and fishing village into a community packed with families, activities, and local businesses.

Now, Northport is fueled by its small business owners, who cater to residents and help the community feel more like a family. This is exactly why the Northport Chamber of Commerce is crucial for keeping entrepreneurs connected, informed, and empowered– especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jack Ebert Presents the Newly Designed Northport Chamber Website

The Northport Chamber of Commerce has been a robust economic driver in the village for over 50 years. But, in today’s digital age, proper channels of communication and digital positioning are crucial for staying relevant.

That’s why Driven Media partnered with the Northport Chamber of Commerce to modernize the organization’s efforts earlier this year. Our company was founded in the heart of Northport with the goal of helping small businesses like those that are members of the Chamber. So, developing a partnership was a no-brainer for our Driven team.

Our strategy was to first streamline efforts and responsibilities on behalf of both members and the board. Additionally, through an overall revamped online presence, Driven sought to increase the reach and impact that the Chamber had on community members.

Northport Family Fun Night - July 18th, 2023

We ultimately created a brand-new, innovative website that showcases all of the natural beauties and businesses that Northport has to offer. There, members also gained access to their own individualized portals– allowing them to better manage their memberships, RSVP for events, and showcase their businesses.

The Driven team also worked to upgrade the Northport Chamber of Commerce’s social media presence. This was ultimately accomplished via rebranded digital marketing materials, the creation of targeted content, community outreach, and engagement growth.

The town of Northport is driven by its local business owners. But in order to ensure the longevity of Northport as a haven for entrepreneurs, the community must be engaged. Driven Media worked to deeply understand the needs and interests of Northport residents to curate digital platforms that aren’t just informative or effective but are also interesting and inspiring.


Mosgalotto is a clothing brand that aims to combine two critical corners of the fashion industry– affordability and luxury. Fashion lovers around the globe covet high-quality materials and one-of-a-kind designs, but many cannot afford to break the bank by buying from traditional luxury companies.

Mosgalotto works to bridge the gap between quality and price, and Driven Media has been by the brand’s side since the inception of the fashion company earlier this year.

Our team has been instrumental in the branding and marketing of Mosgalotto to reach the company’s target demographic, emphasizing accessibility for consumers throughout the U.S.

Mosgalotto - Peace and Love Photoshoot

Driven Media has curated the company’s overall look and feel, from choosing color palettes, typefaces, and graphic elements to creating its website, executing targeted messaging, and emphasizing SEO. Driven’s in-house production team has also coordinated, managed, and executed a variety of photo and video shoots that showcase Mosgalotto’s products on a range of models and customers.

Finally, our savvy team of social media analysts and managers have thoughtfully created and curated Mosgalotto’s social media accounts– publishing timely product promotions, customer testimonials, and relatable consumer content meant to resonate with the company’s target demographic.

Our work with Mosgalotto has helped the newcomer fashion brand set its stake in the clothing market– an industry that is famously tough to corner off. Our well-rounded and full-force efforts to launch the Mosgalotto brand have culminated in various product media, social account and website growth, and increased visibility for the luxury fashion company.

Marketing 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas

In July, Driven Media’s founder, Jack Ebert, was invited to the Marketing 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas. This three-day conference spotlights the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the marketing and advertising industry.

Changemakers from around the globe were invited to attend, engaging in keynotes, panel discussions, live Q&A sessions, and various networking events.

Jack Ebert Speaks About Hyper Local Impact at Marketing Conference 2.0 in Las Vegas

During that time, we also had the privilege of witnessing a momentous occasion as Jack Ebert, our visionary founder, graciously accepted the prestigious "Young Leadership Award in Digital Marketing" award. This honor was a testament to his remarkable journey as a young entrepreneur, which paved the way for the inception of Driven Media.

As we celebrate this achievement, we're reminded that success is not just a destination but a journey of hard work, perseverance, and a genuine desire to make a difference. Driven’s story is a testament to the power of youth entrepreneurship, and we're honored to have the opportunity to embark on this journey. In the words of Jack himself, "I could not even be here if it wasn’t for our #Driven team.”

We want to thank you for being a part of this incredible journey alongside us. Your support continues to fuel our passion and drive us toward new horizons in the world of digital marketing.

Northport Pride Fest

This past June, the Village of Northport hosted its first-ever Pridefest In The Park, welcoming LGBTQIA+ community members and their allies to celebrate Pride.

The event, presented by the Incorporated Village of Northport and produced by Schramm Marketing Group, could not have been possible without the support of countless volunteers. The Driven Media team was thrilled to help with the production and coverage of this monumental event.

Our team was a proud sponsor of this event and helped promote awareness of the celebration through the use of our own digital marketing services. On the day of the event, Driven team members also tabled in our #driven booth and managed two different raffles designed to engage attendees.

Our production staff was on site, too, taking photographs and recording video footage of the first-ever Pride event in Northport. Hundreds of people attended to show their support for the queer community– enjoying a historic ceremonial Pride flag-raising at Village Hall, an afternoon music festival, picnics in the park, various vendors, and numerous local boutiques and shops.

Finally, the Driven team had the privilege of interviewing community members about what Pride means to them. Combined with the rest of the celebration’s sponsors and volunteers, our efforts worked to raise awareness of issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate unity, inclusion, and opportunity for everyone in the Village of Northport.

ConnCORP Academy With QU

The collaboration between the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy and the Connecticut Community Outreach Revitalization Program (ConnCORP) has proven to be a catalyst for positive change. Together, these two entities have brought about a remarkable transformation, empowering and uplifting the aspirations of 18 small business owners who are committed to advancing minority-, women-, and veteran-owned enterprises in the Greater New Haven-Hamden area.

Through this dynamic partnership, skills have been honed, dreams have been nurtured, and opportunities have flourished. The dedication of both organizations to fostering growth, inclusivity, and community-driven success is evident in the remarkable progress achieved by these enterprising individuals.

The synergy between the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy's educational expertise and ConnCORP's outreach initiatives has created an environment where innovation thrives, connections flourish, and barriers are overcome. By focusing on underrepresented entrepreneurs, this collaboration is not only propelling individual businesses forward but also contributing to the overall economic vitality of the region.

Driven Media has also had the privilege of mentoring two entrepreneurs in 2023, imparting the priceless knowledge we have gleaned since launching our business nearly three years ago.

As we celebrate the achievements of these 18 small business owners, we acknowledge the power of partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. This collaboration is a testament to what can be achieved when academia, community outreach, and passionate entrepreneurs come together to create lasting impact.

Through shared effort, dedication, and a vision for a more vibrant and inclusive business landscape, the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy and ConnCORP are sowing the seeds of transformation and empowerment. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth of these businesses and the lasting ripple effect they create in their communities.

Our Latest Rebrand

Driven Media is proud to unveil our bold new identity as we embark on an exciting chapter in our journey. Our rebranding is a celebration of the incredible strides we've made in empowering small businesses and making a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

Our new brand reflects the essence of our mission — to drive growth, innovation, and success for businesses of all sizes. We've grown alongside the businesses we've supported, and our evolution is a testament to the power of collaboration and determination.

As we unveil our new logo, website, and messaging, we invite you to explore the dynamic changes that reflect the essence of who we are. Our commitment to small businesses remains unwavering, and our refreshed brand is a symbol of the remarkable achievements we've accomplished together.

From digital media strategies that captivate audiences to bridging the gap between education and real-world experience, we're dedicated to propelling businesses toward their goals. Our rebranding is a tribute to the remarkable journeys of those we've served, and an invitation for new businesses to join us on a path of growth and success.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. As Driven Media, we look forward to continuing to empower small businesses and creating a future where innovation knows no bounds. Together, we're shaping a landscape where businesses thrive and communities flourish together.


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