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Jack's Story

Explore the story behind Driven Media with our Founder Jack Ebert through our #ambitionunleashed partnership with Quinnipiac University. We were honored to work alongside Quinnipiac for the production of "Jack's Story - Ambition Unleashed" Film.

 Driven Media is committed to enabling students to unleash their ambition through helping small businesses find their voice.

Our Story

Driven Media was founded to empower small businesses over two years ago by two #driven young professionals, Jack Ebert and Katharina Buczek.


Jack was in the middle of studying abroad in London when the pandemic forced him to return to the states and continue pursuing his degrees in a completely remote format. Hailing from Northport, New York, both Jack and Kat watched as his hometown community– which is dominated by local shops and boutiques– was suffering shutdown after shutdown.  When Jack realized that his internship opportunity was no longer available due to COVID-19, A light-bulb went off. It was then that Jack and Kat conceptualized, and launched, Driven Media Management. Together, they have built a vision driven towards small businesses. Jack has overseen the growth of the Driven team, and the acquisition of clients, and directly works on nearly every client account. He has also since graduated from Quinnipiac University with his MBA and is a trusted agency partner of the university.


Katharina Buczek co-founded Driven Media in the midst of her junior year at Stony Brook University. After the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in-person work and schooling, Katharina and millions of other students were thrust into novel online formats. Jack Ebert approached her with the idea of creating a business with a multi-faceted mission of both empowering small businesses who suffered due to the pandemic and providing unique hands-on internship experience to college students who were left without experiential learning opportunities. Since co-founding Driven Media & becoming Creative Director, Katharina has managed the creation and publication of all internal media, and the Community Collective– a not-for-profit that partners with queer artists to give back to instrumental organizations in the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Brand Partners

Quinnipiac University
Northport Chamber of Commerce
Aloha Spa and Nails
Dinner Bell Creamery
Community Collective
Jazzercise West Hartford
Uptown Motors
E Consulting
Enchanted Flower Healing
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