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That's A Wrap On 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023 and step into 2024, we are delighted to take a moment to reflect upon and share with you an overview of the noteworthy highlights and significant accomplishments that have shaped our trajectory over the past twelve months.

Since 2023 began, the Driven Media team has had the pleasure to continue fostering robust partnerships with a range of valued clients while collaborating with new local businesses to elevate their digital presence. 

In 2023, we have empowered local institutions like The Northport Chamber of Commerce, leveraging the power of digital media to increase awareness of their mission and drive community engagement within Northport. As an agency founded in Northport, It has been an amazing experience to drive real tangible results in our hometown community. 

We have also continued working with higher education clients, like Quinnipiac University, allowing us to create compelling narratives that resonate with target demographics– boosting reach, engagement, and ultimately, student enrollment. 

This last year has represented a turning point for our firm, with the caliber and volume of our work continuously increasing. We thank every single client who has put their faith in us, as we wouldn’t be here without you. 

These successes are also a testament to our dedicated team and our firm’s overall commitment to growth and evolution in an ever-changing market. 

Driven Media thrives while creating tailored brand strategies that deliver tangible, invaluable results. We also have many more exciting projects on the horizon in 2024. 

But, until then, please take a look back over the past year with us as we reflect on our triumphs, innovations, and cherished partnerships.

Quinnipiac University

Our work with Quinnipiac University began after our founder, Jack Ebert, earned his MBA from the QU School of Business and stood as a testament to the success of the QU School Of Business 3+1 Program in imparting priceless knowledge and experience to students. 

Jack founded Driven Media while completing his education at the school, and soon afterward, our company proudly partnered with the 3+1 Program to spearhead digital marketing efforts aimed at enhancing both prospective student enrollment and ongoing student engagement. 

Since then, in 2023, our partnership with Quinnipiac University has expanded. Driven Media has now been retained to promote the entire QU School of Business, and now, we are thrilled about the school's upcoming expansion. 

Quinnipiac University is in the midst of constructing a massive, 79,000-square-foot brand-new School of Business. This $70 million project is on track to be completed in 2025 and will serve to accommodate the School of Business’ growing student population. 

“As the School of Business has grown over the years, we have needs and ambitions to do things that our current spaces either allow us to do on a limited basis, or we haven’t yet been able to do,” Holly Raider, dean of the School of Business, said of the inspiration behind the expansion.

The new building is envisioned to be a “Business Innovation Hub,” allowing students to test their ideas to the fullest in collaborative learning spaces and a “trading floor environment.” 

To bolster awareness and enthusiasm about the new QU School of Business building, our team has proudly continued to cultivate a growing follower base and curate engaging content targeting prospective students on social media. 

Northport Chamber Of Commerce

Situated along the picturesque shores of the Long Island Sound, Northport stands as a testament to our own history as an agency empowering small businesses through digital media. What once began as a humble farm and fishing village has blossomed into a vibrant community teeming with families, activities, and local businesses.

Today, the heartbeat of Northport is its resilient small business owners, who contribute to the town's familial atmosphere. The mission of the Northport Chamber is as follows: 

“The Northport Chamber of Commerce for over 50 years has striven to support the business community through innovative year-round programs, effective networking opportunities, and continuous community outreach through cultural events in order to achieve our collective goal of enriching the quality of the commercial, civic, and social life of Northport.”

– The Northport Chamber of Commerce 

Driven Media forged a strategic partnership with the Northport Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. With our roots embedded in the heart of Northport, supporting small businesses aligned seamlessly with Driven Media's mission. The collaboration aimed at modernizing the Chamber's operations, ensuring it thrives in the digital landscape.

Our approach began with streamlining processes and responsibilities for both members and the board. Simultaneously, we embarked on an ambitious initiative to enhance the Chamber's online footprint, amplifying its influence on the local community.

Central to this effort was the creation of an innovative website that not only showcased Northport's natural beauty but also spotlighted its diverse businesses. Members benefited from personalized portals, empowering them to manage memberships, RSVP for events, and showcase their enterprises seamlessly.

Driven Media further elevated the Chamber's digital presence by revamping its social media strategy. Through rebranded digital marketing materials, targeted content creation, community outreach, and engagement growth, we ensured the Chamber remained at the forefront of Northport's digital landscape.

As we reflect on the strides made over the past year, we remain committed to nurturing Northport's vibrant spirit and supporting the flourishing community of entrepreneurs. 


In the dynamic world of fashion, Mosgalotto stands out as a brand with a distinct mission– to harmonize two crucial facets of the industry: affordability and luxury. Across the globe, fashion aficionados yearn for high-quality materials and unique designs, but the prohibitive costs from traditional luxury companies often pose a challenge.

Enter Mosgalotto, a brand committed to bridging the divide between quality and price. Our team has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand identity and marketing strategy for Mosgalotto, ensuring it resonates with the target demographic, and making luxury fashion accessible to consumers across the United States.

From defining color palettes, selecting typefaces, and incorporating graphic elements to the creation of a sleek website, implementation of targeted messaging, and a focus on SEO, Driven Media has curated the overall look and feel of Mosgalotto. Our in-house production team has orchestrated and executed a variety of photo and video shoots, showcasing Mosgalotto's products on a diverse range of models and customers.

Marketing 2.0 Conference In Las Vegas

In the heat of July, Driven Media's visionary founder, Jack Ebert, received an exclusive invitation to the esteemed Marketing 2.0 Conference held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This three-day summit served as the focal point for unveiling the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the dynamic realms of marketing and advertising.

The conference attracted change-makers from around the globe, converging for thought-provoking keynotes, engaging panel discussions, live Q&A sessions, and an array of networking events. 

Amidst this whirlwind of insights and connections, we were privileged to witness a truly historic moment as Jack Ebert, our trailblazing founder, graciously accepted the esteemed "Young Leadership Award in Digital Marketing." This recognition stands as a tribute to his extraordinary journey as a young entrepreneur, setting the stage for the inception of Driven Media.

As we revel in this momentous achievement, it serves as a poignant reminder that success is not merely a destination but a journey marked by unwavering dedication, resilience, and a genuine commitment to making a difference. The narrative of Driven Media is a testament to the transformative power of youth entrepreneurship, and we are deeply honored to embark on this remarkable journey.

In the words of Jack himself, "I could not even be here if it wasn’t for our #Driven team.” This accolade is a shared triumph, reflecting the collective effort of our dedicated team.

To each of you who has been a part of this incredible journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your unwavering support fuels our passion, propelling us toward new horizons in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Together, we continue to redefine the possibilities and shape the future of our industry. Thank you for being an integral part of the Driven Media family.

Northport Pride Fest

In June of this year, the Village of Northport made history by hosting the Village’s inaugural Pridefest In The Park—a joyous gathering that warmly welcomed LGBTQIA+ community members and their allies to celebrate Pride.

This groundbreaking event, presented by the Incorporated Village of Northport and expertly produced by Schramm Marketing Group, would not have been possible without the dedicated support of numerous volunteers. The Driven Media team was elated to be one of the founders contributing to the production and coverage of this momentous occasion.

Driven Media played a crucial role in raising awareness of the celebration. On the day of the event, Driven team members also actively engaged with attendees by hosting two exciting raffles, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Our production staff was on the ground, capturing the vibrancy of the first-ever Pride event in Northport through a lens. Hundreds of individuals gathered to express solidarity with the queer community, participating in historic moments such as the ceremonial Pride flag-raising at Village Hall, enjoying an afternoon music festival, indulging in picnics in the park, exploring various vendors, and patronizing numerous local boutiques and shops.

In addition to our visual documentation, the Driven team had the privilege of conducting interviews with community members, delving into what Pride means to them. Together with other dedicated sponsors and volunteers, our collective efforts aimed to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate the values of unity, inclusion, and opportunity for everyone in the Village of Northport.

Photo credit: Dreamscape Aerials

ConnCORP Academy With QU

The powerful collaboration between the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy and the Connecticut Community Outreach Revitalization Program (ConnCORP) has emerged as a catalyst for positive change, sparking a transformative journey for 18 dedicated small business owners in the Greater New Haven-Hamden area. Committed to advancing minority-, women-, and veteran-owned enterprises, this partnership has become a force of empowerment and upliftment.

In the crucible of this dynamic alliance, skills have been finely honed, dreams have been tenderly nurtured, and opportunities have blossomed. Both organizations, driven by a shared commitment to fostering growth, inclusivity, and community-driven success, have played instrumental roles in the remarkable progress achieved by these enterprising individuals.

The synergy between the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy's educational expertise and ConnCORP's impactful outreach initiatives has cultivated an environment where innovation thrives, connections flourish, and barriers are dismantled. By deliberately focusing on underrepresented entrepreneurs, this collaboration not only propels individual businesses forward but also contributes significantly to the economic vitality of the New Haven community.

In 2023, Driven Media proudly took part in this journey by mentoring two entrepreneurs, sharing the invaluable knowledge gleaned since our business's inception three years ago. As we celebrate the accomplishments of these 18 small business owners, we recognize the profound impact of partnerships that transcend conventional boundaries.

This collaboration serves as a testament to what can be achieved when academia, community outreach, and passionate entrepreneurs unite to create a lasting impact. Through shared effort, unwavering dedication, and a vision for a more vibrant and inclusive business landscape, the Quinnipiac Entrepreneurship Academy and ConnCORP are sowing the seeds of transformation and empowerment. 

We eagerly anticipate the continued growth of these businesses and the enduring ripple effect they create in their communities.

Our Latest Rebrand

Earlier this year, Driven Media took great pride in unveiling our bold new identity, marking the commencement of an exhilarating chapter in our journey. Our rebranding served as a jubilant celebration of the incredible strides we had made in empowering small businesses and leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

Our new branding eloquently mirrored the essence of our mission— to drive growth, innovation, and success for businesses of all sizes. Having grown in tandem with the businesses we supported, our evolution stood as a testament to the power of collaboration and unwavering determination.

As we revealed our new logo, website, and messaging, we invited our audience to explore the dynamic changes that encapsulated the essence of who we had become. Our commitment to small businesses remained steadfast, and the refreshed brand became a symbol of the remarkable achievements we had accomplished together.

From digital media strategies that captivated audiences to bridging the gap between education and real-world experience, we were dedicated to propelling businesses toward their goals. The rebranding served as a tribute to the remarkable journeys of those we had served, and an invitation for new businesses to join us on a path of growth and success.

Princess Bridals

Princess Bridals is a distinguished bridal shop based in Long Island, renowned for its exquisite collection of bridal gowns and unparalleled service. With a legacy of making brides' dreams come true since 1970, they continue to be the premier destination for brides seeking the perfect gown for their special day.

Since embarking on our partnership, our firm's strategy has been to work closely with Princess Bridals to ensure the curation and publication of relatable, fresh, and targeted bridal content to both prospective and current brides throughout Long Island.. 

Aside from social media management, our in-house team of photographers and videographers has also conducted on-site photoshoots to capture gorgeous content for use across advertising efforts. 

In addition to launching this robust social media strategy, our team has also spearheaded a PR campaign to publicize Princess Bridals’ giveaway of 53 dresses– collectively worth over $100,000– to celebrate the shop’s 53rd anniversary. 

“Princess Bridals has always strived to be the premier destination for brides across Long Island, and this giveaway is an embodiment of our dedication to making dreams come true. We understand that these challenging times have affected many, and we want to extend our support to brides-to-be who deserve nothing less than perfection on their special day," said Charles Prokop, Owner of Princess Bridals.

Our dedicated team has been able to increase quality content output, grow reach, and bolster follower growth for the Princess Bridals social accounts. Plus, our dedicated staff has nailed down a solid network of press contacts, crafted press releases and press kits, managed entry to the 53 Dress Giveaway, and successfully published both the giveaway and Princess Bridals as a premier bridal shop in the process.

Our robust PR efforts caused the 53 Dress Giveaway to catch the attention of various news outlets and publications. Numerous brides also entered the Giveaway, and now, our team is looking forward to hosting the historic giveaway event at the elegant Reid Castle in Manhattanville, New York, in January 2024.

Hispanic TV Summit

The Hispanic Television Summit is a comprehensive exploration of how television programming effectively engages Hispanic consumers across diverse platforms, spanning streaming, broadcast, and traditional pay TV. 

Back in September, Driven Media’s President Jack Ebert had the pleasure of working with Joseph Schramm, President of Schramm Marketing Group, to produce the 21st Annual Hispanic Television Summit live and in person at etc. venues.

The summit featured important keynote conversations, panel discussions, presentations, and numerous networking opportunities, as well as honored multiple recipients with the distinguished Hispanic Television Award.

The entire Summit also highlighted the increasing preference for programming that is created by Hispanics, for Hispanics. 

“I had the experience of working alongside some of the most dedicated and hardworking people in the industry, and it reminds me of how lucky I am to be forging my own path in such a creative field,” Jack said.

Cheers To A New Year Ahead

As we say goodbye to 2023, our team is filled with gratitude for a year of impactful collaborations and transformative ventures. 

From amplifying the missions of institutions like The Northport Chamber of Commerce and Quinnipiac University to the recognition at the Marketing 2.0 Conference, and the celebration of diversity at Pride Fest in Northport, these milestones stand out as moments of pride and shared success. 

The unveiling of our refreshed brand symbolizes not just our evolution but also the collective achievements of businesses we've empowered and the unwavering dedication of our team.

And in the realm of storytelling, our collaboration with Princess Bridals and the Hispanic Television Summit showcases the power of narrative in connecting with diverse audiences.

So, as we step into 2024 with our glasses raised high, we extend heartfelt gratitude to every client, collaborator, team member, and supporter who has been part of our journey. 

Cheers to the new year, where we will continue to empower, innovate, and shape the future of digital media together. Thank you for being an integral part of the Driven Media family.

Founders Jack Ebert & Katharina Buczek at Driven Media's third anniversary celebration


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