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To Post or Not To Post: Timing Your Content

Timing your content is crucial. This means that you choose to post your content at certain times of the day. You want to choose a time when your followers are active on that certain social media network so that your post can get the maximum engagement possible. This engagement can come through likes, comments, views or shares. Really, your main objective is for your post to be seen and enjoyed!

You may ask, “How can I figure out what time to post? It's not like I can read my followers' minds!” Well, no need to worry, Instagram and other social media sites have your back! On Instagram, you can set up your profile as a professional account and gain the ability to view insights.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Click on the three line icon

  3. Click settings

  4. Go to account

  5. Press professional account, which should be in blue

  6. Select the category that your account falls under

  7. Enter your information!

Once your Creator account is completed, it will take a few days for instagram to gain analytics on your posts- including when your followers are most active on Instagram!

However, you should not just rely on the insights. Although they are helpful and can give you a certain day and or time to post, they cannot account for special days in the year like holidays. On days or events like this, you may want to change the time in which you post on your accounts. You may want to post earlier in the day on a day when it is common to get up early. For example, those who celebrate Christmas often wake up early to see what Santa left under the tree. Another example would be a Happy New Years post! Even if it fell on a Sunday, and your insights said the best time to post on a Sunday is 5 pm, you may want to post at midnight because the majority of people stay up until after the ball drops and will see your post then!

Another thing to keep in mind is when you will post stories, whether they are on Instagram or on Facebook. Story posts are posts that stay visible on your account for 24 hours. Usually these are posted in the mornings so that people will be able to view and enjoy them all day long. However, it can't hurt to look at your insights and figure out what the optimal posting time is!

An additional key thing to do is reposting your feed post onto your story. This will help let your followers know that there is an awesome new post on your profile- even if it has not popped up on their feed yet!

Finally, knowing your audience or platform can also help you better plan when to time your posts! For example, on a site like LinkedIn, business professionals are working from 9-5 Monday through Friday. So, you will most likely gain their utmost attention during the typical workday. This will differ depending on the social media site and its users.

Once you know what time you want to post, you simply have to schedule it. This process occurs when you plug in your caption, photo and time into a third-party scheduling service.There are numerous companies online offering these services. Then, when that date and time approaches, the post will automatically go up on your account. This is super helpful because you don't need to have free time in order to take advantage of good posting times.

All in all, insights can be a very helpful tool but cannot be completely relied on. Insights are just trying to find patterns in your followers behavior when in actuality, your followers may not check Instagram at the same time every Wednesday. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your posts performance and, if you notice it is not as strong as you wish, implement changes.

Happy posting! Have any questions or feedback? Let us know down below!

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