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How To Show Staff Appreciation Without Breaking The Bank

Regular acknowledgment shows employees that their business respects and values them as an individual and that the work they execute contributes to the success of the company.

Facilitating an extraordinary employee experience is key for customer service, too, since it impacts how employees pass on their enthusiasm to clients and potential consumers. Customers are also more likely to have a positive experience when they are partnered with enthusiastic employees that portray the brand in an extraordinary way.

So, recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication is a way to ensure your company is positive and well-rounded from top to bottom.

But, managers often feel as if they do not have the resources or finances to provide this kind of recognition for their team. However, there are actually countless ways to show staff appreciation that are cost-efficient. So, continue reading below to learn about some unique ways to display appreciation without breaking the bank

1. Allow peers to vote for employees of the month.

Employees will appreciate the acknowledgment of their hard work and the daily helpful and constructive actions of their team members. You can be as specific and unique in the design of your “Employee of the Month” program. And you can tailor the award to specific employees’ interests or hobbies.

For instance, do you know one team member loves Starbucks? A gift card might be a great way to show your appreciation!

Just be sure to outline exactly why each employee is deserving of that specific award to show you really acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.

2. Build connections between employees and higher management.

It can be beneficial for employees to feel a sense of acknowledgment by leaders in higher positions. This may motivate them and encourage them to take more steps toward reaching goals and advancing their careers. That is why it is so essential for managers to take the time to familiarize themselves with their workers. Not only is it respectful, but it also builds a bond that can potentially grow and last outside of your business.

3. Create a suggestion system.

A suggestion system may incorporate a suggestions box or even a questionnaire for team members. This allows employees who desire to share their opinions and ideas to be acknowledged and have a platform to do so. This system can also have the option of being anonymous if that helps employees to share what they want to say without any peer pressure involved.

4. Hone your communication skills.

Take the time to get to know your employees, even on a first-name basis. Actively and diligently listen to what they have to say. Plus, even non-verbal communication can bring a sense of support and recognition. It may be as simple as an honest smile or a firm handshake.

5. Send thank you notes to employees who work long hours.

Expressing gratitude can go a longer way than you think.

This can be even more impactful if you send thank you notes to employees’ home addresses. This gesture acknowledges that you understand how much time at home the employee puts aside to complete work– even on off hours.

6. Ask for employees’ ideas on retreats and fun events outside of the office.

Offering enjoyable time outside of the office will relax your team and give them the opportunity to socialize and connect. Management may even allow employees to decide where the next retreat or event will be held. This way, all members have the chance to plan an event they can get excited about attending.

7. Send a formal sign of recognition by writing a letter

Writing a letter is a simple and efficient way to recognize your employees. The letter may entail why that specific person is receiving the letter and acknowledgment of their outstanding hard work. You may even hand deliver the letter to the employee themselves and their supervisors, too.

8. Tailor your methods of praise to each employee.

Pay attention to the interests, hobbies, and passions of your employees to incorporate them into your gestures of recognition. For example, if one of your employees enjoys watching the NBA, you can give them game tickets as a sign of recognition and praise.

9. Demonstrate interest in your employees' professional goals.

As a manager, it is important to show interest in your employees' long-term goals–showing your support not only in the moment but also in the future. Your employees will appreciate your care and guidance in helping them achieve their long-term goals. You may even offer recommendation letters and share connections to help their future.

10. Create an in-office celebration calendar.

Having an in-office calendar that highlights employees’ birthdays, anniversaries of being with the company, accomplishments, and more is a great affordable way of keeping tabs on milestones and showing recognition. By placing employees’ personal events and achievements on the calendar for the entire office to view, they will feel appreciated and recognized.

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