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6 Months Down

As the company passes the halfway point of the year, Driven Media LLC is at its best position yet with exciting projects behind us and more on the horizon. The past six months have been our busiest yet, with our client roster doubling and our fiscal revenue matching 2021’s in just our first six months. Along with this, the addition of large and continuous clients that have deepened our connection with our communities as well as supported our growth along with our clients.

Driven Media LLC: February Status Meeting, 02/24/22

Driven’s connection with Quinnipiac University has been a constant since its founding, with our partnership providing students with the ability to empower small businesses. The Quinnipiac School of Business worked with Driven to launch the QU3Plus1 Instagram with the objective of engaging with current and prospective students. Since the project began in early March, our account team has created content reaching over 42,000 unique pages and spread awareness of the school’s accelerated degree offering.

Our work for small businesses saw our founder, Jack Ebert in January, be featured in the university’s branding campaign, #ambitionunleashed. The campaign embodies the passion, spirt and determination of our people and how QU comes together to help our students transform their passions into careers with lasting impact. Our close connection with the university has enabled us to triple our team size to 34 #driven members. Our growth has allowed the company to work with over 30 small businesses. Building a company with over 30 staff was no small feat. We are proud to have dedicated Human Resources

A still from the Ambition Unleashed video

Another major partner for Driven this year is the Hamden Chamber of Commerce, which partnered with us for event coverage and content creation. Our photography and videography team covered multiple chamber events, including Hamden’s largest event of the year Hamden Fest. Our work with the chamber has allowed the company to build deeper connections with the Hamden community and surrounding areas. Our top priority is empowering small businesses to take charge of their brand.

This summer also marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Driven’s non-profit The Community Collective. The Collective empowers LGBTQIA+ artists to cultivate change by giving them a platform to show their talents. “At the Collective, we believe in making change through action. We use our platform to spread awareness about issues facing society today.”

The Collective has grown to partner with more than five amazing artists, each with their own artistic styles. The Collective engages through Instagram and has grown to nearly 2,700 followers while establishing partnerships with community organizations to deliver real impact. The Collective is currently in the process of onboarding 5 more artists to the team!

A tote bag designed by a member of the collective

As we as a company reflect on the past six months, we are proud of our work while also grateful for all those who have supported our efforts to empower small businesses. As an Agency, our partners are instrumental in our growth. We want to say a special thank you to the following partners below who have supported our vision to empower small businesses.

A special thank you to…

As we look forward to the next half of the year, we are excited to empower small businesses to take charge of their brand. With half the year in the books, we cannot wait for what the future holds.

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