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At the Collective, our goal is to uplift and inspire members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We work with talented artists in the community and promote their work. All proceeds made from their art are donated to The Trevor Project. In this way, we amplify members of the community and give back to a cause that supports the community. We recognize the difficulty and adversity members of the community face and because of that, have made out page a safe place where members of the community can be uplifted and encouraged.

Driven Media is committed towards helping #stopthestigma about mental illness and mental health. We strive to #stopthestigma through the promotion of mental health awareness, resources and providing outlets through our Community Collective. 

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The Community Collective 

The Collective empowers independent LGBTQIA + Designers  by raising awareness about key social issues through their own artistic expression


Each piece made by Collective Artists can be bought through our Etsy store link at the bottom of the page.

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Shining Light On The Trevor Project

A Community For The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an American nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention efforts throughout the young and questioning LGBTQIA+ Community. 60% of all store proceeds goes to the Trevor Project. 

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