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A branding agency assists you in effectively conveying your brand's personality to prospective customers, defining your brand guidelines, and ensuring uniformity in your company's tone, messaging, tagline, typeface, and other elements.

Discover the comprehensive branding services offered by Driven Media through and embark on your brand transformation journey today. Don’t delay, build your brand today!

SEO is essential for organic growth and if done properly, you'll have an incredible number of internet users find your website quickly, which means more site traffic! This increases brand awareness and the chances that these users convert to customers. It sounds simple, but there's more to SEO than having an optimized website. Find out how Driven can improve your SEO today!

Elevate your brand with expertly-crafted photographs that capture the genuine essence and distinctive narrative of both you and your business. These images serve as the cornerstone for customer recognition and your value proposition. Achieved through meticulous color selection, strategic content decisions, and skillful lighting, they crystallize your brand's identity in a powerful and unforgettable way.


Unleash the formidable potential of visual storytelling to intricately weave your brand's message. Through the dynamic synergy of videography and photography, you have the ability to articulate the narrative of your business, products, or services in a manner that deeply resonates with your target audience.


Design is key when it comes to the visual storytelling of your brand. With Driven, we ensure that your target audience, brand guidelines, and visual motifs are highlighted in all aspects of your design. For any occasion, we've got your back! 

Not Your Average Ad Agency

Robust advertising solutions are no longer reserved for Fortune 500 companies or traditional corporate organizations. Driven Media’s primary goal is to offer first-rate digital marketing solutions to small business owners– the backbone of local communities.

Beyond helping you stand out in the digital market, our team strives for accessibility– collaborating, educating, and empowering entrepreneurs to take charge of their online presence more than ever before.


Quinnipiac University


When COVID-19 brought the world to a jolting stop, Jack Ebert ’21, MBA ’22, stepped up to build a bridge between students struggling to find professional experience and the small business owners who struggled to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape.

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I really saw the importance of communicating and how vital it is to have that open line of communication,” Ebert said. “That’s not always just about who has the most (social media) followers, but being present and having that information available. That’s where I saw that small businesses are suffering.

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Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce


Good things come in small packages – Driven Media is proud to announce our new partnership with the Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce, giving us the opportunity to empower small businesses in the Hamden Community.

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Our Clients

Quinnipiac University
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Northport Chamber of Commerce
Aloha Spa and Nails
Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 11.51.39 AM.png
Dinner Bell Creamery
Nolan Funeral Home, Inc.png
Nolan Funeral Home, Inc (1).png
Community Collective
Jazzercise West Hartford
Uptown Motors
Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 11.56.54 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 1.20.23 PM.png
Tom Kammerer – November 2023 (1).png
Enchanted Flower Healing
Tom Kammerer – November 2023 (1).png
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