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Why Shop Small? The Community Depends On It.

You’re hungry. You don’t know what you want to eat, but you know you need something quick. McDonalds? Well, fast food should be quick in nature, but drive-thru lines can go on forever. Plus, it’s so expensive for low-quality food. How about the local deli down the street? They remember your name and order and always greet you with a smile. Sandwich it is.

People always tell others to strive for the best and “think big.” But in some cases, it is better to “think small.” Supporting small businesses instead of corporations has multiple benefits. Firstly, you are more likely to be greeted with a welcome by a small business owner than a corporate employee. Innovation and competition have to keep small businesses on their toes and ready to adapt. Lastly, small businesses help the local economy. Let’s check out all the benefits of supporting small businesses!

Customer Service

A positive or negative experience at a small business is what will make or break it for that customer. Small businesses want and need the support of the local community, so you can expect to be treated well at a small business. The employees tend to be more friendly and warm, because they want you coming back. One thing that small businesses thrive off of is word-of-mouth advertising. If one person has a good experience, and tells their friend about the place, they are pretty likely to go.

Room to Grow

When corporations want to add something to a menu, or change the way their store is run, there are a ton of moving parts involved. Small businesses have the ability to adapt and grow where there is room to. They can cater to more niche demands because there aren’t any corporate rules to follow. For example, if a large group of customers orders the same customized drink over and over, a local coffee shop can easily add it to their menu. A huge corporation such as Starbucks, however, would not be able to just add a new drink to its menu. The easy ability to adapt and change also helps small businesses fight off competition.

Helping The Community

It might seem simple, but in supporting small businesses, you are also helping to stimulate your local economy and community. Small businesses help create jobs, as well as add spark to the community. There is a sense of community when you choose a small business, and it goes both ways. You just received a good or service from a local person, and in return, you are helping to put food on their table. Seems small, but one purchase can go a long way.

So, next time you are about to mobile order your Starbucks, think to yourself, will they know my name when I walk in? Will I get the satisfaction of knowing I just supported the local community?

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