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Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

As generations progress, there is a constant need for change- whether these changes are related to economics, politics, or even technology. In the early 1980s, the internet was not widely recognized and yet has changed the world entirely. As an individual with distinctive wants and needs, you now have the luxury to search, view, and post whatever you desire at your fingertips. The internet is tailored to each consumer, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to create a website promoting your business as a small business owner.

Creating Integrity and Brand Awareness

Building a website for your company is crucial and can be compared to meeting someone on a first date. A website turns into the face of your business and gives potential customers a first impression. A high-quality website displays your products and services in the best way possible and shows how you wish to fulfill a customer’s wants and needs. In addition, your website’s style, wording, and character further improves your brand and gives consumers an idea of the message you are trying to sell.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the average person only spends six seconds looking at a web page? Hence why it is essential to gain the attention of those who visit your website, so they have an incentive to read the content.

Online Marketing Is Huge

Picture yourself scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and you are suddenly swarmed by a plethora of ads that are catered to you. Most likely, you end up clicking on one or two ads and purchase a few items in your cart. Consumers no longer have the need to go out when they can easily add some basic information and have products shipped right to their house. Since COVID-19, people have relied even more heavily on E-commerce to receive groceries, appliances, and clothes.

Today’s advanced technology has become a very effective form of communication. Reaching out to people via email grants a more successful response than reaching out on social media. Having a business email, phone number, and store address is helpful information and can be easily found on a website. Sometimes posting contact information on social media gets lost in time, which will ultimately decrease your audience.

Reviews and Testimonials Are Your Best Friend

Without a website, you are depending on word-of-mouth advertising. You have no idea what people are saying about your business. This strategy can do more harm than good if you have a customer who had a bad experience. However, allowing people a voice on the internet can relieve a few curious thoughts. Most people enjoy sharing their opinions and are more than happy to do so online. Social media is an effective form of advertising but can only say so much about your true mission and purpose. A website is an excellent way to gauge feedback while also giving you a platform to describe some key information about your small business. Customers who leave five-star reviews will promote your business in a positive light and will encourage others to engage.

Happy marketing! Have any questions or comments? Leave them below & we will get back to you!

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