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Social Media Platforms Are Prioritizing Video Content: How Small Businesses Can Keep Up

Video content has the unmatched ability to boost your brand growth by drawing in a broader audience. It not only develops a form of trust with users, but it is also a great way to engage previously untapped consumer markets.

Recently, there has been a dramatic switch in the prioritization of Instagram reels over basic Instagram posts. This switch is due to the rising traffic and engagement rates that video content has brought to brands since revamping their social media marketing strategies to keep up with emerging video platforms like TikTok.

It is safe to say that now, short-video content is the primary form of social media marketing. A Reel is Instagram’s short clip video feature that allows users to create a 90-second to a 15-minute-long video consisting of a single clip or multiple clips edited together. Similar to TikTok, users can add music, text, captions, video effects, and more directly from the app.

TikTok is a video content-based platform that allows brands to advertise products and services to TikTok users. If you have already generated a following on Instagram, the good news is TikTok has a feature on the app that links to an Instagram profile. This way, your followers and potential customers have access to both platforms in one place.

Here are 8 ways small businesses can use video content to engage with users and bring attention to their brand. These strategies provide your brand with a voice and help you connect with consumers.

Prepare an order

Making a video of yourself preparing an order is a fun way to show what happens behind the scenes while also demonstrating the care you put into each order. Some businesses even allow customers to request a viewing of their order package in a video, which is a great way to interact with customers. This is also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate to potential clients what they can expect when their shipment arrives.

Here is a great example of a content creator packing an order from their business and sharing it on TikTok.

Show followers how your products or service are used

It can be beneficial to the consumer to display how your product or service will fit into their lives, and this format will provide them with that information. These videos help build a form of trust with an audience while also being used as an effective marketing strategy for small businesses.

For instance, if your brand sells makeup products like lip gloss or mascara, get a loyal customer who knows and cares about your product to demonstrate how they use your product in their daily makeup routine.

Likewise, if you have a business selling phone cases, you can have loyal customers show viewers the durability and protection your phone cases offer by running different tests.


Keep up with trends

A great way to interact with users on TikTok and Instagram is by keeping up with trending sounds, video concepts, challenges, and more. It only takes a few minutes of scrolling to find what’s trending and gain inspiration. This method will supply you with a variety of new tools and events to participate in. Your brand will be able to test out new strategies and apply them to create new ideas.

Right now, one hot trend on TikTok is the “Reasons Why” trend– which can include however many reasons viewers should or shouldn't do something. This trend can be especially helpful to brands when explaining why users should take a deeper look into purchasing their product or service.

Another hot trend on TikTok is the “I gotta see her” trend. This trend consists of posting a video with a text overlay that says, “I found someone who has more [insert specific characteristic] than you,” e.g., healthier lifestyle, better style, etc. Brands can use this trend by inserting their specific characteristic into the text as a way to gain engagement and attention to what they have to offer.

Engage with customers

Make sure you are engaging with consumers via social media. TikTok allows users to respond to comments through a video feature. This is a great way to answer the questions of viewers, which can be found in the comment section. This method is much more direct and engaging than typing out a text reply.

Another way to boost customer engagement is by creating duets. TikTok allows users to film new content that is then placed beside a pre-existing video from another content creator. This is a great way to interact with users and their videos while reinforcing your brand.

Share your brand’s journey and experience

When engaging with users, it’s a great idea to share personal experiences in growing your brand. This could be advice regarding how to launch a new product or service, do’s and don’ts when first starting out, or the most effective marketing strategies.

Displaying your brand journey in a transparent way showcases your confidence and vulnerability– making consumers more likely to connect with your brand. This is especially true among younger generations, where we see influencers becoming popular for being “real” and “relatable.”

Publicize new product launches

You can construct excitement for new products before even launching them by teasing them on TikTok and Instagram. This heightens customers' interest and prepares them to purchase when the product is available. It also shows that you’re able to grow your brand.

A helpful strategy is to launch the product or service once your team is confident of the layout and design. Then, your brand can collect the feedback of users and alter these factors prior to officially releasing the product for purchases.

Familiarize yourself and your employees

TikTok is a platform that has gained popularity due to its users and their unique personalities. Users enjoy getting to know the person behind a brand or screen. It is much more engaging to connect with a person rather than viewing an ongoing feed of products.

Behind the Scenes

One final popular video form that businesses post on TikTok and Instagram is known as “behind the scenes,” which demonstrates the internal workings of a business. These videos illustrate the reality of overseeing a business and show customers how their orders are put together. This type of content has the ability to humanize a brand and puts out a feeling of inclusion for the users– which allows them to relate with a brand on a deeper level.

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