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From Vision to Fruition: Jack Ebert & The Founding of Driven Media

200,000 small businesses around the country closed during the first year of the pandemic, according to the Wall Street Journal. In a time of so much uncertainty, communities banded together in order to support local businesses. Jack Ebert of Northport, New York founded Driven Media on October 19th, 2020 with the same goal in mind.

Ebert's idea to form Driven Media originated right before the pandemic hit. While pursuing his Bachelors in Marketing at Quinnipiac University, Ebert studied abroad in London with soon-to-be Co-Founder and Managing Director, Jack McCarthy. Ebert returned home to find a social media marketing job and ended up in Manhattan, South Hampton. Ebert came out of that summer job with a more solidified business concept, then collaborated with friend and future Co-Founder and Creative Director, Katharina Buczek.

“Throughout the summer, I did a majority of side jobs and applied to multiple internships but realized how difficult it is to get an internship," Ebert said, "This is not because people aren’t skilled, but because of all the small businesses going under due to COVID-19." Ebert knew that he could do a great job and thought to himself, "I might as well start my own company where I can market for small businesses."

"Bigger” businesses have more resources and tools than local business owners. There is so much competition merely based on budget. Often, local businesses unfortunately get the short end of the stick when they should be appreciated and valued in communities.

“It’s almost like small businesses need to reach a certain point in order to have access to marketing, when the world shouldn’t be like that,” said Ebert. “I want every small businesses to have access to marketing, whether it’s us helping them with branding, building them a new website, or helping run their social media campaigns. I want every small business to have the same access that bigger businesses have in order to reach their own consumers.”

Not only is Ebert the President of Driven Media, but he is a personable and persistent leader. He assembled a team that consists of certified content specialists, marketing strategists, and media gurus who all strive to empower small business owners.

Prior to starting Driven, Ebert had five internships. Now, he’s always thinking about the company: how it can improve, how are his colleagues, and most importantly, how he can help small businesses flourish. Driven Media is more than your average marketing agency.

“We are here to be your small business advocate," said Ebert, “These aren’t our clients, these are our partners. We work together to grow our businesses.”

Driven Media's ultimate mission is straightforward- take initiative. Being a self starter is a challenging task. But, if you have a passion or dream, anyone can make it happen. It is never too late to take a leap of faith and open a business out of spontaneity. While many small businesses were unfortunately challenged during this global pandemic, many have also survived and come out stronger. You and your small business can do the same. Take initiative by seeking out a small business advocate like Driven Media and utilize digital marketing services. What are you waiting for?

Want to learn more about Jack Ebert or the rest of the Driven Media Team? Visit our About page! Want to connect? Fill out our contact form! We look forward to hearing from you.

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