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Dream Creations- With Hard Work, Dreams Can Come True

Dream Creations, a local business that designs custom and handmade products, made an appearance at Hamden Fest. We had a chance to speak with Patricia, the owner and founder of Dream Creations, and to learn all about her passion for creating.

The business specializes in designing mugs, wine tumblers, mason jars and other cups, as well as shirts, candles, stickers, and earrings. They also offer gift boxes, which include combinations of different products. In addition, Dream Creations gives customers the freedom to request a certain design or message that they want to appear on their product.

Patricia launched Dream Creations in March of 2021, and despite being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, was selling her items successfully and felt like she started at the perfect time. “I really hit it off on Mother's Day because I started in March,” Patricia said. “By May, I was selling a lot of mugs.”

Since then, Dream Creations has been building a strong customer base thanks to sales on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and the newly established Dream Creations website. Patricia enjoys the high demand of creating her own products and mentions that design requests keep rolling in. She expresses her excitement saying that the demand for her products “never stops, and I hope it never does.” This small business owner has found her calling and is determined to supply her customers with top-notch, personalized products.

Patricia hopes to continue to learn new techniques and to expand her selection of products in the near future. Just a few weeks ago, she expanded her inventory when she started to create and sell earrings. The elegant and colorful designs are handcrafted from polymer clay with a coat of resin for that extra shine. Many of Dream Creations’ items require hour-long processes to create the final product that consumers can purchase. Patricia walked us through the earring-making process: “you condition the clay, then you cut it, bake it, and let it cool. You polish them, you make the holes, you put the jump rings in and the ones with a resin you have to put the resin in and let them cure in the lab for 30 minutes.” This process can take up to 2.5 hours, provided she makes the earrings without taking any breaks. She recently posted part of this process in a behind-the-scenes video on Dream Creations’ Instagram (@dreamcreationsct) that is certainly worth watching!

Patricia works with José (a behind-the-scenes partner at Dream Creations) to bring these products to life. Dream Creations works hard to develop unique designs for different holidays and seasons, as well as putting together gift baskets for different occasions that customers can order. Each and every one of these products can make for a meaningful gift.

Patricia’s favorite products are her cups, and she is especially fond of the flower designs. Ultimately, Patricia has learned a lot while navigating her business and reminds everyone that “hard work pays off.” Because of her dedication, she has watched her business grow over the past year and a half.

Be sure to check out Dream Creations on their website, Etsy, and on Facebook and Instagram @dreamcreationsct.

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