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Don’t Just Market Your Business, Market Yourself

The term “marketing” doesn’t just apply to promoting a product or service for a business, but it also to promoting yourself as an individual. Whether you're looking for a job, trying to make a connection, or build your network, being able to promote yourself is the key to success.


It all starts with the resume. Oftentimes, the first point of contact that you have with an employer is through your resume. In order to make a positive first impression, ensure that all relevant credentials are listed, there are no spelling errors, and that each bullet point is detailed and can relate directly to the job description and tasks that are expected to be completed. Depending on the job you're applying for, you may have to change around your resume to present only what is relevant. A strategy that can be helpful is to match the verbs you include in the resume to the verbs used in the job description. This is a great way to market yourself and show that you are a great fit for the position.


Establishing an up to date and active LinkedIn page is vital in today’s business world. This is a way for employers and connections to learn about your experience and work ethic. Think of a LinkedIn page as an advertisement for yourself. Be sure to display employment, credentials, and awards or honors you may have received. Small businesses can also have their own LinkedIn page. This will be effective when making business connections and building professional relationships with clients or customers. Be sure to include a professional headshot and a background on your profile as well, which shows that you are active on LinkedIn. Be sure to highlight your strong suits, as this is what employers and connections want to see.


One of the most important ways to market yourself is through networking. The top way that employers find employees is through employee referrals. A survey published on LinkedIn by Lou Adler found that 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Making a positive impact on those around you can lead to a bright future; reaching out to do a favor for one person may result in a favor in return. Networking to know different people in different industries can really help you and your business to grow.


By sharpening your interviewing skills, you’ll be able to market yourself on the spot. Being confident and relatable in an interview is key. If you practice responses to some commonly asked questions, chances are the preparation will pay off. Sometimes, it may feel like you’re bragging about yourself. However, knowing your worth is extremely important in the business environment, so don’t be shy to share your accomplishments. Try asking yourself “what can I offer?” At the end of the day, this is what the interviewer is boiling it down to. Bringing a portfolio of some of your important projects is a great way to appear prepared and interactive in an interview. Last but certainly not least, always ask questions! Whether it’s about the position, work environment, or even the interviewer’s experience, questions show that you are engaged and interested in the position.


When it comes to social media that will help your cause, be sure to share photos that are upbeat and depict your ambition to employers or connections. Consider making personal social media accounts private to ensure that only work-appropriate posts can be seen by the public eye. Refrain from posting criminalizing or controversial content on your Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform.

At the end of the day, knowing how to market yourself properly is an important skill to obtain. Effectively delivering what you can bring to the table is a make or break situation. Being confident and thorough in creating a resume, designing a LinkedIn, building a network, and crushing an interview, are a few of the self-marketing stepping stones that lead to a bright future.


Lou Adler. (2016). New Survey Reveals 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking. LinkedIn.

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