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Showcasing Farm-Fresh Products From The Midwest


Dinnerbell Creamery




In 2022, the Driven Media team had the incredible opportunity to produce an international recipe-style commercial for Orange Cheese Co.’s brand, Dinner Bell Creamery– which offers a wide cheese selection ranging from American, Mild Cheddar, and Sharp Cheddar to Monterey Jack, Colby, Pepper Jack, and Mozzarella cheeses.


Our strategy was to showcase the diverse recipe applications for Dinner Bell Creamery’s variety of cheeses while speaking to the everyday U.S. consumer. So, we scouted shooting locations, recruited actors, and set the stage for a relatable cooking commercial targeted toward American families who value creating a range of meal variations using only the freshest of ingredients.


The production effort was made possible by our company’s well-rounded team of professional storyboarders, writers, project managers, videographers, producers, and actors.

The culmination of this effort resulted in a nearly two-minute-long commercial that was produced and edited completely in-house. Then, the commercial aired internationally and featured the creation of a Spicy Kimchi Burger from start to finish.


Dinner Bell Creamery strives to deliver delicious products that are ethically cultivated to feed families across the country. The diversity of the company’s product offerings also makes recipe selection and cooking a breeze. The commercial created by our Driven team embodied the brand’s values and highlighted the accessibility of cooking with Dinner Bell Creamery’s products.

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