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Mosgalotto - A Modern Take On Fashion Marketing






Mosgalotto is a clothing brand that aims to combine two critical corners of the fashion industry– affordability and luxury. Fashion lovers around the globe covet high-quality materials and one-of-a-kind designs, but many cannot afford to break the bank by buying from traditional luxury companies.

Mosgalotto works to bridge the gap between quality and price, and Driven Media has been by the brand’s side since the inception of the fashion company.

Photography, Videography, Social Media Management

Our savvy team of social media analysts and managers have thoughtfully created and curated Mosgalotto’s social media accounts– publishing timely product promotions, customer testimonials, and relatable consumer content meant to resonate with the company’s target demographic.


Our team has been instrumental in the branding and marketing of Mosgalotto to reach the company’s target demographic, emphasizing accessibility for consumers throughout the U.S.

Driven’s in-house production team has coordinated, managed, and executed a variety of photo and video shoots that showcase Mosgalotto’s products on a range of models and customers. Driven Media has curated the company’s overall look and feel, from choosing color palettes, typefaces, and graphic elements to creating its website, executing targeted messaging, and emphasizing SEO. As part of the "Peace & Love" campaign, our graphic designer Megan Dale worked to create unique, cross-platform promotion for the merch drop. They recreated shirt designs for promotional material and re-created Mosgalotto shirts inside of Animal Crossing.


Our work with Mosgalotto has helped the newcomer fashion brand set its stake in the clothing market– an industry that is famously tough to corner off. Our well-rounded and full-force efforts to launch the Mosgalotto brand have culminated in various product media, social account and website growth, and increased visibility for the luxury fashion company.

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