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Trellus Offers $10,000 In Grants To Long Island Small Business Owners: Apply By February 14

This past December, 1010 WINS named Trellus, a same-day local delivery service, the grand-prize winner of their small-business challenge sponsored by Dime Community Bank. Trellus generously joined the contest, intending to share the wealth by donating the prize money to the small business community on Long Island.

Trellus is a local small business that was established on Long Island with a mission of providing other small businesses with the resources and assistance they need to succeed against large e-commerce establishments. Over the past two years, the 16-employee startup has solely catered to Long Island small businesses– providing trustworthy delivery services at reasonable costs.

Trellus is partnered with over 300 small businesses and over 80 drivers who deliver throughout Long Island. On December 15, 2022, Trellus was declared the winner of the 1010 wins small business 10k Challenge and also proudly proposed to share the $10,000 grand prize in support of other local businesses on Long Island.

“Small businesses deserve a win against the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce giants. Trellus is breaking down barriers to help independently owned businesses survive,” Trellus Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JR Jensen explained, per Long Island Business News.

Image courtesy of @ByTrellus on Instagram

The Trellus Local Delivery Grant will accommodate up to 20 qualified small businesses in need of delivery services. Approved companies that meet the requirements will be given a $500 credit on their Trellus account. The $500 credit will be allocated toward a monthly Trellus Business subscription ($49.99/month) and shipments placed until the financial limit has been spent.

The company is accepting candidates such as brick-and-mortar retailers, professional services, and home-based businesses up until February 14th. Regardless of having a business that delivers, this grant can be a great launching pad for bettering a business with no uncertainties of financial risk.

Trellus recognizes the significance of small businesses' contributions to local economies and chooses to better the community by maintaining businesses, revenue, and services within the areas of Long Island. Candidates can begin the process by filling out a 10-minute application to be considered.

Independently owned businesses of Long Island must be able to supply basic business documentation to apply.​ To gain a deeper insight and send in an application, check out Trellus.

In addition to the Trellus Local Delivery Grant, small businesses owners can also benefit from the New York State Seed Funding Grant Program–a program for small businesses, micro-businesses, for-profit arts, and cultural organizations founded after September 1, 2018. The program was created in an effort to aid early-stage small businesses in a recovering New York State economy post-COVID. Grant awards are determined on the yearly total of gross receipts as indicated on a business's tax returns for 2020 or 2021.

In order for a business to be a valid candidate for the grant, it must be in operation for at least six months prior to application submission. In instances where firms have not filed a Federal Tax Return for operations, the grant award is $5,000 per business. Other eligible business qualifications include: being in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and requirements; being a New York State resident; and being licensed or registered to perform business within New York State.

On account of a large number of applicants and restricted measures of funding in the business category, an applicant's industry and other factors may play a role in grant distribution. Lendistry, a technology partner of the program, oversees the grant application process by handling grant disbursements to accepted applicants. Lendistry will update applicants on the progress of their applications and send requests for additional information regarding their businesses and documentation, such as specifics concerning bank account details.

To learn additional information regarding eligibility qualifications, requirements and details can be found at State Seed Funding.

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