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Cheers to 2022!

Happy holidays from your friends at Driven Media! The past twelve months have been a whirlwind for everyone, including our team here at Driven. But, before we ring in 2023, we would be remiss if we did not thank you for your unwavering support throughout our evolution as a growing company.

Driven Media was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic with one primary goal: helping our local small business community thrive. Back in 2020, there was an inconceivable amount of uncertainty, fear, and stress plaguing community members across the country. Business operations and typical face-to-face contact were also forced to go digital– and those who did not adapt were likely to be left behind.

Our team is proud to know that we empowered countless small business owners to make this transition in a stress-free and collaborative way– teaching entrepreneurs how to take charge of their own social media presence and online advertising efforts without feeling like they are entering uncharted territory alone.

And more recently, in 2022, Driven Media was able to accomplish even more significant milestones as a company. We produced an international commercial and covered various events, from small business grand openings and healthcare worker award ceremonies to community engagement festivals. The Driven team also continued working with our loyal small business clients on expanding their digital presence while growing our social cause, The Community Collective. We even received some fantastic press throughout it all.

So, as we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome a new year, please join us as we look back at some of Driven Media’s most significant accomplishments this year.

Ambition Unleashed - Quinnipiac University

Our founder, Jack Ebert, was in the middle of pursuing his MBA at Quinnipiac University when he conceptualized and launched Driven Media with the help of co-founder Katharina Buczek. So, it was an honor to be recognized by Quinnipiac University, with Jack Ebert and Driven Media as a whole becoming the face of the university’s Ambition Unleashed Campaign.

“Drawing on our nearly 100-year heritage, our Ambition Unleashed brand campaign serves as a fresh, bold, and vibrant reflection of our university and our community. It embodies the passion, spirit, and determination of our people and how QU comes together to help our students transform their passions into careers with lasting impact,” the university began.

“Ambition Unleashed is inspired by the unrelenting determination of our bobcat mascot, coupled with the drive, commitment, and limitless potential of our people as they pursue a life and career with purpose.”

With the help of our Driven team, Quinnipiac was able to launch an entire brand campaign centered around Jack Ebert’s student entrepreneurial journey in the form of press articles featured in Quinnipiac Today, a documentary-style video, and various brand advertisements published online and posted throughout the university’s campus. Behind the scenes, this effort was reliant on a strong collaboration between Qunnipiac’s public relations and production offices, as well as Driven Media’s founders and team members.

Dinner Bell Creamery

In March 2022, the Driven Media team had the incredible opportunity to produce an international recipe-style commercial for Orange Cheese Co.’s brand, Dinner Bell Creamery.

“Family fresh from the Midwest, Dinner Bell Creamery does everything with a strong emphasis on family values and responsible cultivation.”

The production effort was made possible by our company’s well-rounded team, including storyboarders, writers, project managers, producers, and actors, and ultimately highlighted the diverse recipe applications for Dinner Bell Creamery’s variety of cheeses.

The culmination of this effort resulted in a nearly two-minute-long commercial that was aired internationally and featured the creation of a Spicy Kimchi Burger from start to finish.

Hamden Healthcare Warriors

On April 7, 2022, Driven Media was honored to cover the second annual Hamden Healthcare Warriors ceremony hosted at Cascade by the Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to recognize and honor those who have worked so hard during this pandemic and beyond. Our first Warrior Event could not be held in person [in 2021], so we are thrilled to be able to celebrate deserving healthcare individuals in person,” said Hamden Chamber President Nancy Dudchik.

The Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce recognizes that healthcare workers are healthcare warriors in the truest sense of the term. Frontline workers are brave and courageous during times of fear and uncertainty, and they place the well-being of their patients before their own.

At the event, numerous healthcare professionals– ranging from hospice and hospital nurses to social workers, physicians, rehabilitation professionals, and healthcare advocates– were honored for their dedication to serving community members.

The Driven Media team was also there to cover the entire ceremony, capturing photos of the event as well as footage that was produced into a documentary-style video– highlighting the connections, memories, and achievements of local Hamden healthcare workers.

Roishi Ramen Grand Opening

Earlier this year, a brand-new Japanese restaurant known as Roishi Ramen blessed Whitney Avenue in Hamden, Connecticut, with a fresh take on traditional Japanese favorites.

“Roishi continuously strives to leave a memorable impression by creating a welcoming environment in which we provide superior and individualized service while showing every customer our utmost and genuine appreciation and hospitality.”

The Driven Media team was also honored to attend and cover the eaterie’s grand opening, which was attended by countless community members who chatted and dined on fresh sushi, ramen, and more.

“At Roishi, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients possible because we want our customers to expect the highest quality dishes each time they visit.”

Roishi Ramen Grand Opening

Unpacking Perspectives

In September, Driven Media’s founder, Jack Ebert, had the pleasure of joining Board Certified Career Coach and founder of NMD Careers, Nicole Davison, on Season Two of the Unpacking Perspectives podcast.

Nicole graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance. Then, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling with a Concentration in Student Development and Higher Education from Central Connecticut State University.

Through the Unpacking Perspectives podcast, Nicole works to start conversations surrounding all phases of careers– breaking down everything from new graduates’ journeys into the workforce to career transitions and end-of-career paths.

Joined by Driven Media’s founder, Nicole and Jack broke down what it was like launching a company as a student. Listeners also learned what our company is up to now and some tricks of the trade for aspiring entrepreneurs. The podcast is available for streaming now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Hamden Fest

Driven Media was beyond thrilled to both participate in and cover the town of Hamden’s annual Hamden Fest in 2022, hosted by the Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce.

At this year’s Hamden Fest, Driven Media showcased the community through the lens of vendors, food trucks, live music, performances, and, of course, the smiles and laughs of attendees. Driven had its own booth at the festival, empowering small businesses to find their voice.

In addition to the booth, the Driven team made their way through the festival– meeting small business owners, learning about their stories, and how they came to be where they are today. These interviews ultimately translated into insightful blog posts that were published and distributed to Driven Media’s network of community partners– helping the local Hamden community spread the word about their commerce and experiences.

Finally, prior to the actual event, Driven teamed up with the Hamden Chamber of Commerce to help execute media promotion for the festival. From creating content for their social media platforms to acquiring vendors, the Driven team was thoroughly involved, empowered, and grateful to cover the successful festival for the town of Hamden.

NMD Careers

This year, one of our most loyal community partners has been NMD Careers. Founded by Board Certified Career Coach Nicole Davison, the company helps clients reach their potential through self-discovery and career exploration at every stage of the career journey.

NMD Career Consulting LLC is a full-service career counseling, coaching, and consulting practice offering a wide range of guidance and support in unlocking clients’ fullest potential and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Driven Media’s partnership with Nicole Davison has been instrumental to our mutual success. This year, our team was overjoyed to conduct a full re-branding of NMD Careers– creating a brand new logo and launching a revamped website.

Nicole Davison has also become a trusted partner of Driven Media, assisting our primarily student-driven team as they gain experience at a proven advertising agency and transition into other endeavors.

Aside from students, Nicole also empowers professionals at all stages of their careers to recognize their worth, set goals, find the right path for them, and make a switch when needed.

The Community Collective

The Community Collective embodies Driven Media’s social mission of supporting and empowering the LGBTQIA+ community. The Collective itself is comprised of a cohort of queer artists from around the globe who are provided with a platform to share their work and spark change in the community.