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2 Latitudes

What is your history?

Jason Hall, the creator of 2 Latitudes began his own business when he was 18 years old, and about to start his college career. This small business helped him to pay for his college housing, and once he entered the institution, he decided to enroll in a marketing degree. Jason enrolled in Bryant University, located in Smithfield, Rhode Island, and soon after his degree ended, he decided to move to Miami for a few years. Once Jason finished his Miami experience, he went back to New England, and officially began his business back in 2016.

What is 2 Latitudes?

2 Latitudes is a business that makes Adirondack furniture, marshmallow shooters, and candles, which are all made by Jason’s wife. The business has been “very busy over the past few years” Jason claims, and that it’s a challenging business because it’s a hobby that Jason has, “It can be challenging because I only work on weekends” and outside of this hobby Jason has a full-time job. Thankfully, this is a passion for him, and he truly enjoys doing what he does on the weekends, which allows him to eventually aim towards making it a full-time job rather than a weekend hobby. After it’s become a full-time job, Jason’s dream is to also open up a shop, and hopefully they will get there soon!

What do you enjoy making and selling most?

Jason’s favorite things to make and sell are toys and puzzles for kids. “I like watching the kids play” he says, and that satisfies him. It must be beautiful to create a piece of art that kids enjoy playing with. Jason’s business uses leftover wood, which is good for his business as he uses the challenge to create more articles from the wood that has been left behind, in this case smaller pieces such as toys.

Why do you make candles out of soy?

We began by burning Yankee candles and found out that they can leave lots of ash around the walls and were not a healthy option. Soon after, we found out that soy candles weren’t toxic, they burn clean, are fully natural, and are less likely to burn a human, so we decided to begin making them. We aimed for a candle that did not have any of those bad qualities, and soy candles allowed us to benefit our customers with that goal in mind. In 2 Latitude, we try not to waste anything, and all leftovers are used for new things, and everything we make is natural.

What do you like most about the process of building all your articles?

One of the main pleasures that Jason has is that he does not think about his regular work when he is at the shop. This is a pleasure that many people try to have, and in many cases, it is hard to find. “I think about nothing really,” he says, and that is what brings him such a peaceful environment while working. What is a better way of creating what you like? 2 Latitude is a business that helps people with their needs as well as Jason’s.

Where can 2 Latitudes be found?


Facebook: @2LatitudesADK

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