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The House Of Timeless Treasures


The House Of Timeless Treasures




The House Of Timeless Treasures is a unique shop featuring an eclectic array of items from 11 talented vendors, each showcasing their distinctive work and wares. From bread boxes and corkscrews decorated with distinctive figures to plates with Asian themes, porcelain birds, hand-painted denim jackets, baskets, jewelry, and even a painting of John Wayne, there's something for everyone. The shop also hosts pop-up vendors about once a month, bringing fresh and exciting offerings to our visitors.

Website Design & Maintenance, Photography

The House Of Timeless Treasures has a unique goal of offering antique and eclectic finds to patrons via 11 independent vendors housed under one roof. So, we aimed to highlight The House Of Timeless Treasures' overarching mission as a unique shop, while also showcasing each individual vendor and spotlighting their unique offerings.


The House Of Timeless Treasures brand-new website is designed as a one-stop shop for anyone interested in learning more about the business or browsing the offerings of it's 11 unique vendors.

After arriving at the site's homepage, visitors are transported with gorgeous photos of the shop's space – shot by our photographers – the history of the business itself, and the ability to check out each of the vendor's products.

All vendors at The House Of Timeless Treasures were also provided with their very own informational page, where website visitors can learn more about their own individual history and browse photos of their offerings.


The House Of Timeless Treasures website is warm, welcoming, and eclectic – just like the shop itself. It is well-rounded – showcasing all of the diverse vintage wares that patrons can buy and enjoy – and comprehensively informs community members' of it's mission, history, and impact on the community.

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