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Northport Chamber Of Commerce – Strengthening Connections Between Local Business Owners


Northport Chamber Of Commerce




Nestled on the shore of the Long Island Sound, the historic maritime village of Northport is a cornerstone of Suffolk County, New York. The area grew from a rural farm and fishing village into a community packed with families, activities, and local businesses.

Northport is fueled by its small business owners, who cater to residents and help the community feel more like a family. That’s why the Northport Chamber of Commerce is crucial for keeping entrepreneurs connected, informed, and empowered– especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. Content created in collaboration with Northport Chamber of Commerce.

Website Design, Social Media Management

The Northport Chamber of Commerce has been a robust economic driver in the village for over 50 years. But, in today’s digital age, proper channels of communication and digital positioning are crucial for staying relevant.

That’s why Driven Media partnered with the Northport Chamber of Commerce to modernize the organization’s efforts. Our team’s strategy was to first streamline efforts and responsibilities on behalf of both members and the board. Additionally, through an overall revamped online presence, Driven sought to increase the reach and impact that the Chamber had on community members.


We ultimately created a brand-new, innovative website that showcases all of the natural beauties and businesses that Northport has to offer. There, members also gained access to their own individualized portals– allowing them to better manage their memberships, RSVP for events, and showcase their businesses.

The Driven team also worked to upgrade the Northport Chamber of Commerce’s social media presence. This was ultimately accomplished via rebranded digital marketing materials, the creation of targeted content, community outreach, and engagement growth.


The town of Northport is driven by its local business owners. But in order to ensure the longevity of Northport as a haven for entrepreneurs, the community must be engaged. Driven Media worked to deeply understand the needs and interests of Northport residents to curate digital platforms that aren’t just informative or effective but are also interesting and inspiring.

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