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Driving Home The Benefits Of Higher Education


Quinnipiac University




Driven Media’s founder, Jack Ebert, is an alumnus of Quinnipiac University– where he earned his MBA and initially launched his company, Driven Media. Since then, our team has worked alongside Quinnipiac University on a variety of projects benefitting enrollment in the Quinnipiac Business 3+1 program.

Press Articles, Videography, Advertisements, Social Media Management

The strategy behind this collaboration was to highlight the priceless experience, network contacts, and overall impact that the Business 3+1 program can have on alumni to boost prospective student interest and enrollment.

This program empowers students to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in business within just four years– raising the marketability and experience of students when they ultimately enter the job market.

Jack Ebert embodied the benefits that the Business 3+1 program can provide, which is why he was ultimately chosen to be the face of Quinnipiac University’s Ambition Unleashed Campaign.


Driven has worked alongside Quinnipiac University to create consistent content for social media platforms by shooting on site content as well as editing and developing templates for consistent content throughout the school year.


Alongside the Ambition Unleashed campaign, Driven Media has also continued to work with Quinnipiac University– handling the entirety of the 3+1 program’s digital marketing efforts. Our team has created dedicated social accounts for the program, grown follower bases, created strategic photo and video content targeted toward prospective and current students, and promoted critical events for stakeholders.

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