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Working at Driven Media Management provides our team with an experience unlike most traditional advertising agencies. While working with Driven Media, you will gain top marketing experience as you collaborate alongside like-minded individuals and work on real branding campaigns. Since our company reflects our youthful mindset and approach, we strive to stay up-to-date on trends. Driven Media is community focused, which makes working at Driven a fun and engaging experience. You will grow right alongside our community of driven team members. 

Don't have the time to be. a full on staff member but still want to join? Consider coming on as a Brand Ambassador today! Our Brand Ambassador program allows for Quinnipiac college-aged professionals to gain experience in the world of social media marketing and communication. Check out the program below to learn more!


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"One of the greatest learning opportunities I’ve had." - Mendez

 The Ambassadors

Carlos Armada










Kendall Gruttner, Brand Ambassador


Anna Kiernan

Anna Kiernan 
Ambassador Administrator

Our Brand Ambassador Program is designed for  University students to gain hands on marketing experience, working to establish the Driven Media brand while working alongside our valued partners. Each brand ambassador has the ability to earn internship credits through this ambassadorship. Ambassadors work alongside their peers in a unique creative environment, maximizing each student's potential. With this  opportunity the ambassadors will obtain an abundance of physical marketing skills, building strong interpersonal communication skill for future career endeavors. Become a Driven Media brand ambassador today and #BeDriven

Available Positions

Graphic Media Manager

Become Hubspot certified and learn about Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn best posting practices to implement them on accounts


Write compelling, on-brand content to be posted across digital platforms

Web Designer

Meet with clients to help build the website of their dreams. No coding experience necessary. Become an SEO expert

Account Coordinator

Be the primary person for customer relations by addressing their questions and updating them on job progress

Brand Ambassador

Become part of a team to implement marketing tactics you develop cooperatively

Freelance Photographer

Capture photos for accounts to document and promote all the amazing work our businesses do

Brand Ambassadors
Available Positions
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