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A Copywriter is the voice of an advertising agency. They are the first line of communication to draw a viewer in to learn more about the company. A copywriter delivers relevant, clear, and concise copy for any project, whether it be for our company or that of a client. A copywriter regularly consults with the Driven team on ideas to write about that will bring out the personality of the company. 


Job Duties


  • Collaborate with teams to create relevant captions for any content planned

  • Coordinate with Web Designers for any copy needed on websites 

  • Responsible for updating Driven Media’s blog page with relevant content frequently

  • Attend all strategy/content meetings to discuss improvements on content ideas and growth strategies

  • Occasionally be on client based consulting projects




  • Strong writing skills 

  • Strong organizational skills 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Time management

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team

  • Preferable education in Public Relations


Required Supplements 


  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

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